How to Protect Yourself From Momo Challenge Trap?

Next to the Blue Whale game which took the lives of teenagers by manipulating them via their smartphones, Momo challenge is taking its place recently. Rather than saying it’s kind of a challenge, it’s better to consider this a trap set through WhatsApp.

This is how the Momo trap works. The momo gang contacts you through WhatsApp and asks you to be their friend. They also send you pictures attached with malware so they can hack into your mobile device. Once the malware is injected into your phone they get access to all your personal information like contacts, texts, and pictures, especially the access to both the front and rear camera.

They can watch you through your front camera without you even knowing it. With all your data in their hands, they can easily manipulate(blackmail) you to do anything they want. So, let’s see how to be cautious of this Momo gang.

Turn off media auto download in your WhatsApp. Open WhatsApp>Settings>Data and Storage>Media Auto Download> Turn off Everything in that section. If you get a text with a picture like this from an unknown number, contact the Police Officials and report it immediately. Share this with your loved ones to help them avoid being a victim of this trap.


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