Amaidhi Amaidhi – Funny Shinchan Tamil Memes Collection

Shinchan is a popular cartoon TV series enjoyed by many around the world. Shinchan’s origin is from Japanese Manga series created by¬†Yoshito Usui. The series is about the adventures of a five-year-old boy Shinnosuke ‘Shin’, his parents, neighbors and their dog.

The Tamil dubbed version of the TV series is getting famous in Tamilnadu as well. Even elders are enjoying Shinchan’s mischievous acts. If you want to point out a Shinchan fan in a crowd, just say this magic word,

Amaidhi..Amaidhii..Amaidhikellam Amaidhii…

Check out the funny compilation of Shinchan Tamil memes. Have a good laugh. Don’t forget to share.

1Let’s watch Shinchan


2Shinchan lovers be like


3Committed guys know the feeling


4Double OK


5Cupid & Shinchan fan


6Shinchan Fact

7Chota Bheem is just a word..But Shinchan is an Emotion


8Shinchan Veriyans


9Choco Chips


10Shinchan in the future


1190’s Kids Mind voice


12Genius..Genius..Genius’kellam Genius


13That Foodie friend


14Mitsi & Shinchan



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